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"This is the best pain center ever. I have been going to see doctors since 1996 [because] I have had so many back surgeries. Dr. Mattew W. Doust is a great doctor. He takes time with you and lets you know how he can help you. All his staff are awesome, wonderful people. If you're looking for a pain specialist, The Pain Center is the best place to go. Awesome, awesome folks."


Love this place, everyone is great! I always get what I need and everyone always remembers my name. 


I've been a patient of Dr. Kavita Sharma since 2007. She has gone above and beyond to help me with my severe pain issues caused by a combination of injuries and medical issues. She was the first doctor to ever really care, work through different treatments, medications, and procedures to help find me relief. She has continued to work with me all these years as things change. While I'll never be 100% pain-free, she has given me the ability to care for my family. She has also been so kind to my children as they have accompanied me to my appointments (while complimenting them on their politeness too!). 

The office can be busy (sometimes VERY busy), but the staff has never been rude (even when patients have been rude to them), and Dr. Sharma is a delight to work with. She is a great doctor!


My pain began in 1991 from an accident. From 1991 to 2001, I had dealt with the pain on my own. However, in 2001, after sustaining a ruptured disk and undergoing several surgeries, I had begun to see pain specialists on a regular basis. I was not having much success with the specialists I was seeing at that time. Around 2005, I began seeing Dr. Vinod Malik in the Daytona Beach, FL area. I must say, Dr. Malik is the finest pain management specialist I have seen in 4 different states. I had seen so many others, there is no room to list them here. My pain issue was complicated and resistant to treatment up until I began seeing Dr. Malik.

Although it is still complicated, Dr. Malik, with outstanding patience and understanding, worked with me until I began seeing results that I thought, at one time, were impossible. Dr. Malik developed a regimen that included an intrathecal pain pump, which gave me my life back. I know I will most likely never be 100 percent pain-free, which is a realistic fact with most pain patients. However, I have been able to function as a person again because of the brilliance, compassion, patience, and care of Dr. Malik. He is truly a Godsend.


TPC is the best. I have been going to see Dr. Bucholz for years for problems with my back. Dr. J. Bucholz is a great doctor. He takes time with you and lets you know how he can help you. All of his staff are awesome, wonderful people. If you're looking for a pain specialist, The Pain Center is the best place to go. :-)


Jennifer Hartsfield at the Arcadia clinic is amazing! She is very caring and understanding. I have seen many different providers over the years at different practices for my chronic pain, and she is by far the best I have ever seen! She is a great asset to the Arcadia clinic and The Pain Center in general.


I've been going to The Pain Center for years. I have a bulging disc and fibromyalgia. I tried all kinds of medications and nothing worked. Currently, I do physical therapy at home, water therapy, and my daily exercises. The doctors and staff at The Pain Center are wonderful and treat you like family. Everything is explained to you when you go to your appointment - the rules, patient contract, everything. They do an amazing job. Thank you for helping me get back into life. <3


TPC has been taking care of me for many years. I owe the quality of life I have now to them! It's so much better than I ever thought it would be. Now my daughter is having big issues, and I have sent her to them. Please take as good care of her as you have me!! Thank you for my better quality of life. It's allowed me to enjoy my grandkids, which I didn't think I would ever be able to do. Thank you again so much!!!


I don't know what I would have done without the services provided by The Pain Center and the wonderful doctors there. Dr. Doust, Randy, MaryAnn Miguad, and my present doctor, Dr. Sheron. It's because of them that I am able to function with my disabilities. I have a lot of health and surgery-related issues, and thanks to them, I am able to function and get through the day.

I am very grateful to them and for the service they provide. They do an excellent job managing my pain, taking the time to listen to my needs, and guiding me through my symptoms and treatments.

I would recommend "The Arcadia Pain Center" to anyone looking for legitimate and quality pain management.

Thank you, everyone, at the Pain Center of Arizona at Arcadia!


My experience at the Prescott Pain Center has been remarkable. The care I have received at the Prescott location from these wonderful staff members is worthy of praise: Sam, Jasmin, Tim, Sheena, Dusty, Dr. Tsang, and Bonita. They have been caring, sensitive, warm, and very understanding. Dr. Tsang is wonderful....cheerful, joking, warm. He also makes my experience of injection therapies manageable. They all care very much, providing not just professional and excellent care, but making me feel welcome and as if my conditions were important to them. THANK YOU, staff, of the Prescott Pain Center! What a great place.


I have been a patient of The Pain Center and of Dr. Turley and Steve Adler since 2009. I was hit on my motorcycle in 2008 and suffered severe injuries leaving me in constant pain. After many different doctors, frustration, and being called a "drug seeker," I was referred to this wonderful practice. They have helped me manage my pain through medication and injections, and never once have they treated me with disrespect. This practice changed my life and has given me a chance to get my life back. Dr. Turley is easily one of the best doctors I have ever seen, as is Steve Adler. I appreciate everything they do and have done for me and would encourage anyone in pain to come to this practice. They are one-of-a-kind.


Dr. Todd Turley has been my pain management professional for several years. I feel exceptionally blessed to have found him and The Pain Center, as my quality of life is much better because of both. I have referred many of my family and friends to him and the center when they had pain issues - and they all agree with me that this is an exceptional facility with exceptional people. Thank you, TT!!


I am so glad to have The Pain Center as a part of my life. They have made my life more enjoyable and happier. Everyone here brings joy and happiness to me every day I am here. Such enjoyable and polite people! I have recommended The Pain Center and will always.


Being in pain isn’t fun, but the staff in this office take such a personal interest in you that you’re really looking forward to coming here, even for my injections.


I thought I was dying, and I didn’t care because I couldn’t get out of bed anyways. Then I came to The Pain Center and now I can function. I feel l am on my way to getting better. I love The Pain Center; they have helped a lot of people and me.


Excellent coming here. Have helped me get back to work and resume a normal life.


TPC has been awesome; they have given me an effective way to deal with my chronic pain, and they have provided me with a reasonable quality of life.


The Pain Center has greatly helped to relieve my pain levels and also has provided the support needed to deal with my constant discomfort.


I have been able to assist in my daughter’s cheer squad; something the pain would never permit me to do. I am thankful to the staff and Dr. Turley for helping me get back into life. 


The care staff at The Pain Center has assisted me with managing my pain to regain an almost normal lifestyle. The several treatments that I have received have helped a great deal.